Boostin Performance, Inc., is your one-stop shop for all vehicle maintenance, performance, tuning, and fabrication needs.

We are confident that our services and support will exceed all of your expectations, and have you leaving Boostin Performance, Inc. with a smile. That's our guarantee to you! At Boostin Performance, Inc., we strive to ensure that everyone that walks through our door feels as though you are a valued customer, and not just a number. We are here to listen to all of your questions, and help explain all of the options that are available to you; helping you in selecting the best option for both you and your car. We are concerned with getting you the results that you want, with the budget that you can afford.

We are not just another performance shop. Each car that arrives at Boostin Performance, Inc. is inspected by one of our experienced techs, as we review the work order/modification plans with you, and answer any questions or concerns that you have. No matter what the project is, big or small, we take the time to speak with our customers and create a plan to fit your needs.

New to the performance game? Not certain if a particular mod is right for your car/setup? No problem. We offer a wide variety of services to help address each and every need that you have.

*Boostin Performance, Inc., also offers a discount off of our labor rate for all service men or women (active or not). Military ID is required. Please contact us for additional information.


what we do


Some of the manufacturer parts we carry include AMS, Forced Performance, STM, Kelford, ARP, ETS, Autometer, Exedy, AEM, Buschur Racing, JMF, FIC, Injector Dynamics, NGK, Quarter Master, Vibrant, and many many more. We also stock a variety of maintenance/performance parts to meet your needs, including spark plugs, couplers and T-bolt clamps, AMS oil, Redline drivetrain fluids, Valvoline VR- Racing oil, OEM oil filters, Air filters, Evo 8/9 Speed Density conversion kits, MAF adaptors, Boost controllers (Electronic and Manual), BOV springs, gaskets, and more. Contact us for pricing on any maintenance / performance parts and/or installation needs.


We have a Miller TIG welder in house, to help design and create many custom components. Regardless if it's mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium, we can weld it for you! Looking for a part that isn't made for your car? We can design it for you. Need a custom downpipe? High-flow cat? We can do that too. Intercooler pipe not fitting properly? We can modify what you have or build you a complete custom system. Found a boost leak from an existing weld? No worries, we can get that buttoned up. We have the tools and materials to take care of it all. Let us know what you need and we'll make your dream a reality.


We can tackle all basic maintenance repairs covered by any dealership or maintenance facility, as well as addressing any issues that you may be experiencing, without having to pay the dealership price. Need a boost leak or compression test on your car? Time for 60K service? Got a check engine light on? Having trouble passing emissions? Need a fluid flush? Experiencing suspension issues? We can have all of these issues and more resolved for you with the same parts that a dealership would use. Plus, we have an emission testing facility down the street, so after we’ve taken care of your car, we can pass emissions for you too!


Not only will we get all of your parts dialed in to work as a package, but we’ll get the most horsepower available out of each part during the process. All of our tunes come with a FREE boost leak test and use of our shop wideband (if needed), while being tuned on our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno. Not many shops include those services for FREE with your tune! Please note that due to the age of DSM vehicles (90-99 Eclipses and Talons), there will be an additional Vehicle Inspection required for these particular vehicles, prior to being tuned.

Specialized Services

Custom Engine Builds

Our goal is to build you a custom engine to suit not only your needs/horsepower goals, but also your budget. We have the knowledge to build you a long-rod 2.0L for you high RPM junkies. Or we can build you that custom 2.3L you've been dreaming about, to dominate the streets. Tested in numerous 8 and 9 second drag cars, road racing, and street car applications, our engines can handle the demands of your driving needs. Regardless if you're looking to build a bullet-proof engine, or go back to stock, we are here to help you in choosing the right combination of parts to ensure an enjoyable, reliable, and cost-effective engine for your ride.

Cylinder Head, Manifold & Turbo Porting

Porting is a detail often ignored, but not at Boostin Performance, Inc. Buying the best turbo on the market will only get you so far. If the cast housings are rough, your turbo's performance won't be at it's full potential. Same applies to that nice new set of cams you've been admiring. That's why porting your cylinder head, manifolds, and turbo is a detail you don't want to ignore. Our porting has helped numerous 16g turbo-powered cars achieve the illusive 10 second pass in the quarter mile. We've also helped a GT35R turbo-powered car into the 8's. Get your parts ported and gain that extra horsepower you've been craving!

Transmission Rebuilds/Upgrades

We can do everything from a basic rebuild for your manual transmission to make your car shift like new again, to custom ratio transmission gearing. This custom gearing is designed to enhance quarter mile 60 foot times, and trap speeds, removing the need to shift into 5th. Our transmissions are proven in record-holding time attack/road racing cars. Our transmissions can also take the abuse of drag racing, with numerouos 8 second passes with our syncro based DSM and Evo transmissions. No matter if you're looking to improve the shifting in your daily driven car, or to improve your track times, we have the knowledge and experience to help you build a transmission to fit your specific needs.

Powder and Ceramic Coating
Powder and ceramic coating can help finish off your engine bay, or give your car that extra touch. Besides being visually appealing, powder and ceramic coating can help to protect against corrosion and also acts as a thermal barrier to isolate heat. Powder coating can be applied to intakes, intercooler piping, valve covers, rims, and just about any metallic material. Ceramic coating is typically used for exhaust manifolds/headers, turbo housings, and O2 housings, as it can stand up to some very high heat ranges. No matter if you're looking for a specific shade of purple to wrinkle black, we can provide the color and finish you're looking for.